Let’s be honest the genre of battle royal games is fading away with every new game release the sub-genre is saturated with mediocre games crappy gameplay and clunky mechanics. But that is not the case with Apex Legends, the game is continuously bringing in new players and keeping the old ones hooked which is quite uncommon in recent times for battle royals.

In this blog, I will explain and teach how you can get better at Apex Legends with my experience in the game. This blog can save you hours of grinding in apex. So, if you are a new player in Apex Legends then stick around and find out.

Pick an easier agent:

The infamous Michael Jordan quote goes like this, “Winners don’t learn the fundamentals they master it”. This means if you want to be a champion you need to master the basics. The same logic applies in Apex Legend, you have to know your basics. These are the legends I want you to pick as a beginner. This way you can maximize learning the game and not the legend itself. Or if you already do have a main and want to widen your spectrum then you can pick these legends.

  1. Lifeline: if you are just starting in apex legend and don’t have a good aim then Lifeline can be a good legend for you because if you get damaged by the enemy you can use your drone to heal yourself and your allies. Her passiveness allows her to revive knocked-out teammates by drone while leaving her free all in all. If you are a newbie, you should try Lifeline.
  2. Path finder: This might not be the best legend to start with as a beginner but if you master him early on in your journey then you’ll be set for the rest of your games and of course, you don’t need to change your main legend if you start with one of the highest skill ceiling legends in the game. What I am saying is if you love challenges pathfinder is for you.
  3. Bangalore: If you are coming from another first shooter something like a counter strike or call of duty you will love her. Her kit is easy to understand, she is fun to play and most importantly she has smokes as her tactical so she can get you out of trouble most of the time. So as a fresher, she can be a great pick for you.

Pick up an aim routine:

Picking up an aim routine can make you better at any shooter not just in Apex Legend but can be a growth factor in your aim in any game you pick. My advice is if you have a flawless sensor mouse and a good amount of desk space, then pick a slow sensitivity, like an eDPI of 400, and practice your aim in fire range or an aim trainer like Aim Labs or Kovaak’s. In a game like Apex Legend where most of the time you don’t know where the enemy shooting is from, it is better to have a lot more control over your aim because you cannot afford to have a sloppy aim and get killed because of it so pick the aim routine if you want to get better at apex legend.

Pick a few guns and master them:

Apex Legends is filled with lots of guns. All of them have different fire rates, different recoil patterns, different reload times different ranges, and mastering all of them is very hard and exhausting. Picking up a few guns and mastering them will be a better strategy but as you know Apex Legend is a battle royal and looting is one of the biggest meta in these battle royals. So, it also depends on the loot you are getting and which place on the map you are choosing to land. But the point is that mastering a few guns is better than knowing how all the gun works.

Apex boosting:

if you don’t have enough time or patience or don’t have enough stamina to grind your way upward to the rank ladder then you should consider getting boosted. Apex boosting is a service that you can avail of. In this service, you’ll pay someone to play at your account on your behalf and boost your rank. This way you can enjoy having a higher rank than your current skill level and attain those rewards that come with it. You can also jump in the game with the booster to play with him and learn what he does differently in the game and learn it.

Learn maps:

Learning maps can also elevate your skill set. Knowing where the decent loot is going to be or knowing where to land safely if you are rank pushing or wanna play aggressively at the start of the new season to clap noobs learning maps can help you in all of these things.